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At Atlantic, we adopt a systematic approach to provide the strong fundamental support needed for the effective delivery of our services. Our strength lies in the principal asset of a team of highly dedicated and competent consultants from diverse commercial backgrounds. With their valuable experience and thorough knowledge in a wide range of industries, we are unparalleled in providing prompt and effective human resource and manpower services to our clients.
The Basic Phases Are As Follows:

Search Strategy
Working together with our clients, we evaluate the situation and determine a search strategy for finding the best candidate. Important to this process is a clear understanding of the client’s culture, the position responsibilities and necessary qualifications.

Once we’ve developed a position profile, we define our search strategy, including target sectors and companies, which results in finding the best person for the job.

Candidate Identification and Assessment
The next step is to conduct preliminary research for developing an initial candidate list. We contact, meet and assess a short list of potential candidates through telephone and personal interviews. Our Atlantic professionals prepare a confidential candidate assessment report, which is then presented to the client for review. When the client is ready to proceed, Atlantic professionals assist with interviews.

Search Completion and Follow-up

In the final stage of our process, we consult with our clients to review shortlisted candidates and support the selection process. Atlantic commonly participate in the negotiations between the client and candidate. Even after the position is filled, we conduct ongoing follow-up with both client and candidate to ensure success of the new executive.